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SolidCAM hangs up at Generating G-Code or Simulating


Oct 6, 2023
After using for a year I met a problem: without reason (that I can see) SolidCAM started to hang up (freeze) for hour(!) or more at generating G-Code or simulating (any) operation. Create new operation, or modify it, or old one is OK. Problem suddenly arise and suddenly disappear despite of restart or no restart SolidWorks/SolidCAM or even rebooting my Windows-10. For example, yesterday problem was ON, I hibernated computer, today turned it on, and problem is OFF (SolidCAM was started yesterday). But before even reboot haven't remove the problem.
My question: whether anybody have seen that? Does it seems to be problem of application, or Windows, or hardware? What utility will help me to distinguish, find the source of my problem?
Hi, you have getting any solution, I also facing same issue. SolidCAM not working if I do g code generated.
I use Solidcam but haven't run into this particular issue.

Do you have your temp folder setup on your local computer? We had it setup on the network before and it would cause weird issues when the connection would drop out from time to time.

Another thing I have run into in the past with other cam software is conflicts with antivirus. There was an update at one point overnight to the anti virus stuff that started blocking out the files the cam software needed. Ended up having to get the password so we could disable the anti-virus, and I think we eventually put in some exceptions that would allow the cam software to access what it needed.