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[Solved] Damaged right angle plates, what should I do with them? Can they be "fixed"?

I've seen a number of large, heavy cardboard boxes holding consumer products (lawnmower, a/c, etc) with punched out hand holds on the sides. Wondering if that would be preferable to exterior straps to avoid snagging, etc, but still allow the box/crate to be more easily handled?
When i was selling/shipping 30" long straight edges, i designed & built the crates with hand grips recessed into each end. So the box, though heavy, was positive to grip and lift. Nothing protruded, and i made sure to at least quickly rough-sand any sharpness or splinters. & knock sharp corners off the crate.

Having bought one of your 30” straight edges, smt, I’ve kept the nicely made crate for the next guy whenever that is. Usually do not do that!
I would have thought that precision right angle irons like these would be treated with great care -- as with anything that has precision in the description.

Thanks everyone, that helps.
A cast iron angle plate can always be scraped In for precision, just takes patience and some basic tools. The corners do very little on them.