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Something went wrong and I don't know what


Jan 27, 2009
All right so went out and bought a Lagun 10 x 50 Vertical Mill (3 HP motor 9 amp) and an Acer 17 x 40" lathe (has a 7 1/2 hp motor 20 amp) for my garage machine shop and a 10 HP rotary phase converter from Phoenix phase converters. I had it all wired up with breakers and everything and it worked great until the other night I went to start up my lathe at 1800 rpm. It started to wind up and drew enough power to dim all the lights in the whole house when all the sudden it just shut off. The phase converter will still run my mill, but not my lathe. I tested it with a multi-meter and still have power going into my lathe and the fuses still good in both the lathe and breakers according to my multi-meter. I'm no electrician and am looking for some help here.
You mite check the motor starter in the lathe. I tried to run my lathe up to 2000 RPM on a 10 HP phase converter. It blew the breaker and kicked out the motor starter

Well I have a correction to make. I just went out to the garage again and fired up the converter and mill and though the spindle did spin it wasn't at the rpm it was suppose to be at and I could stop it by hand so it must be in the panel or rotary motor somewhere.