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South Bend 9" Way Dimensions


May 27, 2020
Hi all,

I'm back to working on my 1921 SB 11" lathe. An open point from where I left off is that I need to make/install a tension mechanism for a floor drive mount to drop belt tension from the headstock, mostly so I can have a neutral for chuck adjustment. I found a floor tensioner mechanism for a South Bend 9" I was hoping to use, but I believe the ways are different dimensions.

I found a post on the hobby machinist forum that showed some dimensions for inspecting flatness, but it did not include the one(d) that I need.

Could anyone please measure the height and width dimensions for their South Bend 9" back V-way so i can see if they are roughly compatible?

The 11" back V-way is roughly 0.7425" wide at the max V dimension, and 0.81" tall from top of V to bottom, where carriage rides.


Thank you!

Duey C

Apr 3, 2015
Checked my old 9 and found .730 width and .848 height on the back vee way. Hope this helps. :)