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South Bend 9B Closer for 3c/1A Collets?


Sep 19, 2023
Hello, new here. I have a vintage South Bend 9B and need to find a collet closer for my 1A/3C collets I've recently purchased.
My lathe came with a set of 3AT collets and a closer, which I'm reading were for Atlas not SB, but the closer is too short with the gear door closed, and I also don't have a 3AT adapter to use the collets anyway.
Problem I'm finding when looking for the correct SB closer is there are many different looking closers out there that say they work, but I'm hoping to get some conformation before buying one.
One of the closers I've seen is marked "HW-101".
Does anyone know if that is the correct one?
I've also seen closers marked HW-103 that say they are 3c closers as well.
Yes I certainly did bother. I went down the list but didn't see a SB specific forum.
I'll find it and re-post there.