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South Bend Heavy 10 spindle shims

I received my set today. Took about a week from sending in the money to receiving the shims. They are really nice. I don't know why but I didn't think they were laminated but they are (even though the pic shows it). That was a nice surprise. I'm very excited to use these. They fit well. They might hang over the edge a little bit but I don't think it's gonna matter. Could always trim them down if it really bothers you. Overall I am very pleased.

Hello all! Just wanted to say thank you for all for the business! The shims are selling better than expected, and I have found myself catching up with orders. I wanted to remind everyone that the 24.00 price (shims + s&h) will end promptly on the 30th of this month and prices will increase. :eek: So any mail post marked after the 30th will not be accepted :eek: Please make sure to order your set today, cheers :cheers:
Send inquiries to [email protected]
I wanted to say thank you all for the business! I have filled over 20 orders. Prices will be as follows until further notice: $40.00 cash or USPS money order, 50.00 paypal or you can purchase a set from e-bay for 50.00 in country or 60.00 out of country. You can contact me at [email protected] or call 714 584 4FSH. Cheers.
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Wanted to thank Greg for the set of shims I just received. These were really well made and a perfect fit. You can peel the laminations off without worry of tearing them for future use if needed. Fast shipping and great communication.... Had them within a weeks time from Coast to Coast!!
Hello all, I have decided to have a sale on my shims, I will take a 40.00 paypal payment through the end of August for one complete shim set, I will also sell the bronze thrust bearing for 10.00 instead of 15.00 if you buy it with a set of shims. Please:cheers: contact me at [email protected] or call Greg at 714 584 4FSH. My shim supply is limited, first come first serve so if I run out it may take a few weeks to make more. I hope this helps, cheers.
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Hello I have had allot of responce to the Agust sale, I just wanted to remind everyone that the sale will be over at the end of the month. If you want to place an order make sure it is soon. Cheers.
Hello all today is the last day for my sale. I have to say that the responce was great! Thank you all. If you place an order by the end of today I will honor it. Cheers and good luck:leaving:
Hello everyone, I am having a sale on my shims. 40.00 Paypal or USPS money order shipped, and the bronze thrust bearing for 10.00 instead of 16.00 if you buy it with a set of shims. Please contact me at [email protected] or call Greg at 714 584 4FSH. The sale will last until April 30, don't hesitate because once there gone it will take weeks to restock. Cheers :nutter: "Your killing me Larry"