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Speedio is too damn fast, how do I slow down spindle acc/dec


Dec 20, 2013
I would experiment to find the rpm where the blades open fully. Then when starting the fan I would start the spindle to that rpm, dwell for .5 second and then go up to the speed I want to run the fan at. I think once the blades are open the accel will be fine. Maybe need to do something like that on the way down too for the fan to live longer.


Jan 2, 2013
Gilbert, AZ
Here is the skinny on the smallest LANG fan in the Brother spindle:
I have one in my 650 that has been there since day one. I run it at 11,000rippems. I turn the spindle on straight to 11k.
This fan ran all-out 1.5 shift production for about 4 years. Approx 25~30 cycles/day. 5/6 days week. 52 weeks/year.
Andy (2outof3) is familiar with the job, seen it run, and can back up the story, LOL
In that time, I have had one spring fail. And, it stretched. It did not break.
This made the fan sound funny on decel. I am assuming because the loose blade was mingling with its neighbors. It still sounded normal on accel.
I also have one in each of my haas mills. Even longer than the Brother. Also run @ 11k.
Only issue I have ever had was when one got tossed because of an out of kilter TC arm. It broke one blade.
The body was fine. Installed new blades/springs, and it is still going strong.
These fans are surprisingly resilient and tough. I cant recommend them enough!


Sep 25, 2010
If the Brother control has macro capability, a little M code macro using a While/Do loop to control the spindle ramp would be handiest.
I think this is the best solution. There is no parameter to control acceleration/deceleration of the spindle.
Likewise, M05 also may need to be modified.


Hot Rolled
Nov 28, 2016
I 3D printed a solid fan on a whim, saw some being sold online and wanted to try it out. It's been working for years, I keep expecting it to explode but it never has.