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Spindle deburring experience?


Feb 25, 2005
Akron, OH
I have a part that I can't just throw into my Mr Deburr. They dent unacceptably from part on part banging, and take about 45 minutes to deburr, so I can't run them one at a time. If I put a bunch of dividers into the tub, they stick to the walls. I need to make a couple hundred a day.

Photo of the part attached. It's about 3.5" by 1.5 " by .5"

The little top edge is .014" thick, so not a razor blade, but fairly fragile.

I'm looking at spindle deburring, this type of machine
but I've never seen anyone using one in person. I get that loading fixtures would be pretty annoying, and this is a two-at-a-time-with-a-guy-standing-there process, but otherwise does anyone have any good or bad experience, or gotchas? There are a few blind 0-80 screw holes that I worry might pack up with grit, but on balance it seems like a pretty good fit.


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