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Spindle play on needle bearings

Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
I wonder if anybody knows how much endplay you find on a Deckel spindle with needle bearings when new
No preload I presume
And when one has to get send out for a rebuild??

Hi Peter,

A couple of years back, when I was rebuilding the horizontal spindle on the FP2, rollers bearings with tapered bore, Franz Singer suggested around 1 um radial play
I'd assume it wouldn't be far off for the needle bearing spindles as well

Hi Peter, end play no idea, but back in '86 I measured the radial play on the vertical spindle of a brand new FP1, 10 microns cold which surprised me. This was a university's (my employer) machine. I was used to preload on machine spindle bearings.
Anyhow the machine performed perfectly for the next 16 years that I was associated with it, accuracy & machined finishes that one expects from a Deckel.
Here is what i have been told by a factory service engineer: (Volker Spitz)
This is for the 3150rpm spindles on the FP-NC's Needle roller setup.
Measurement taken with out grease on rollers, all parts clean , very light oil applied.
Measurement taken at the nose of the spindle, right next to the quill.
Clearance : .010-.015 Millimeters (.00034"-.00059")
End play: .005 millimeters (.0002")

Cheers Ross
I keep up mixing clearance and endplay :D:D In the original post i meant clearance obvious
But thanks Ross
This is important information
Also I always extend the quill and put the magnet on the quill so you do not measure the cleance of the quill in its bore in any way