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Spindle rotation direction opposite to carriage lever on new lathe.can this be right?

As @Bill D said, it's arranged that way so you can hit it down quickly to turn it off if something goes wrong. My recollection is that the Clausing-Colchesters I ran were that way, possibly the Mori-Seiki too. Which way do your light switches work? (No Brits need respond)
Exactly my understanding which is how I have my lathes wired.
I wonder if it came from where I used to work ? In Mill Valley ? Looks exactly the same, even the name tag wear and, as you said, pretty rare model. Same geographical area, so could be ?

Kind of a sad story - that company, back half made sonar transducers for ships, front half was race car gears, owner had an Indy habit so there were five indy cars spread around and one whole building full of offlehowser engines, plus a couple of sports-racers. Dropped by last time I was nearby, now they sell cool skateboarder clothes imported from bangladesh. Flourescent, man.
From the records I got from Monarch this machine was originally purchased in early 1962 and delivered in May of 1962. It was delivered to Kaiser Aircraft and Electronics in San Leandro. I have attached the original invoice Monarch gave me. It was sold in 1997 at an auction to the guy I bought it from who had it until I got it. I think it was a Kaiser auction of old equipment in the San Jose area. Not positive. It is a one off as far as I have been able to find. It has a different tracer pattern holder from anything 'off the shelf' I have seen from them. It's for very long patterns and the whole pattern moves as one with a .001" graduated handwheel near the tailstock. The condition of the ways and gears in the headstock was like new. Everything works and it's amazingly accurate. I can't believe the ways look as good as they do with years of production work.

Monarch original invoice.jpg