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Spline Alignment


Jul 23, 2020
Hi everyone,
I have a job where I am making a driveshaft with splines in the lathe, and the splines have to line up for correct drive-line phasing. I do not have a sub spindle, and cutting flat spots for references would likely off-balance the shaft. What other options do I have?
Screenshot (38).png
Cut two flats, 180 degrees apart? Mark it with grease pencil/Sharpie/paint marker for the 3 minutes it takes to reverse in the chuck? Clamp a collar around it with a "flag" so you can eyeball "up" orientation?
Mmmm, hex block with a collet, clamp the block in your chuck, or better yet a hex collet, then flip. Maybe?
hex block with a collet, clamp the block in your chuck
Awfully short clamping length for a (eyeball caliper on drawing above) 20" long part, especially since you'd have to put the collet block in the middle of the part to reverse it. Short clamping, long stickout, not fun machining.
install a female version of the spline in the spindle for the flip. Calculate how far it's off on the first part then correct with a C offset.
Start with a oversize stock. Cut your flats for indexing. Later turn down the center section to remove the flats.