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StanF South Bend 9A Rebuild Thread

I don’t have any pics on my phone but my the backsplash I made for my wide 9 is in a thread on here somewhere. Mine slopes so there’s no gap between the backsplash and the trays under the bed. I also sealed off the side where the motor is, for reasons others have already stated. Works very well, only annoyance is it’s a bit cramped to use two keys on a four jaw
Backsplash marked:
IMG_8870 (Small).jpg

Cut with a jigsaw and 1st bend:
IMG_8871 (Small).jpg

I went with a 12" overall height:
IMG_8872 (Small).jpg
Test fit after 2nd bend:
IMG_8873 (Small).jpg
Tolerances were pretty good - those gaps tightened up nicely:
IMG_8874 (Small).jpg

IMG_8877 (Small).jpg
IMG_8875 (Small).jpg
IMG_8876 (Small).jpg
There will be many good options for a future motor shield:
IMG_8878 (Small).jpg
The sharp corner on this end got a big radius later on:
IMG_8879 (Small).jpg
And I hit the 10 picture limit...
Back view:
IMG_8880 (Small).jpg

Radiused corner:
IMG_8883 (Small).jpg
IMG_8885 (Small).jpg

I will also probably mount the lube dispensers onto the backsplash, but not where it is currently shown. I was just playing around with it when I took this picture. It will probably be on the right side out of any chip line of fire.
The bracket already has two mounting holes (shown at the arrows), so it will be easy to mount.
IMG_8889 (Small).jpg

I'll mount the LED light first, which will arrive tomorrow. And then finalize the lube station position.
IMG_8891 (Small).jpg


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    IMG_8885 (Small).jpg
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LED Light...this light just wasn't long enough to get from the backsplash up to the spindle. I kept it to use on the mill, as it looks like it will be good for that purpose.
61K1rSDDH6L._AC_SL1500_ (Small) - Copy.jpg

So, I ordered the same light that I have on my drill press, which has longer arms. It will be here in a couple of days:

In the meantime, I went ahead and mounted the lube station.
IMG_8902 (Small).jpg

I'm going to have a fairly heavy canvas cover on the lathe when not in use, so I wanted the tips of the bottles to be below the height of the backsplash:
IMG_8901 (Small).jpg

IMG_8903 (Small).jpg


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    IMG_8901 (Medium).jpg
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Is that a Swag kit on yer hyd press or a home brew ?

Swag 20 ton Kit that I welded up. I bought it on a Black Friday sale a few years ago. I also bought some better press plates that you see under the brake. Swag sells the plates, but I think I got my pair of plates off of eBay.
IMG_4217 (Small).JPG

I've used the entire 19" width on a piece of a fan shroud:
IMG_6184 (Small).JPG

I couldn't find a picture of my own, but I also added some extra angle iron spacers, so I can do shorter pieces. Basically, the loose, extra angle iron pieces just sit in the bottom angle iron die. I have 5 of them that nest in there, and let's you bend something with a shorter flange. Not my picture, but it gives you the idea:

swag press lower dies.jpg
I mention this because I found this to be a big limitation in some of my first bends. It's also easy to solve.

I went for the finger dies, but haven't really used them much. If you go for a solid top die, you could easily make this at home - no need to buy anything, but the steel. I'm sure that there are many different plans on the web or on YouTube.
I bought a HF 20 ton press years ago , first time i used it one of the plates shattered , & the press bent . When I took it back I left it assembled , the guy was mumbling some & he asked me where the plates were . I told him their in the bag , he said I only see one . I said see that other shit in the bag , that's part of the other plate I don't know where the rest went . He refunded my $$ & said lucky you weren't hurt , I said lucky for you I wasn't hurt . I got one of those blank stares .
thanks we've been thinkin of getting one of their kits .
LED Light installed, and I'm pretty happy with it:
IMG_8913 (Small).jpg

IMG_8915 (Small).jpg

IMG_8916 (Small).jpg

IMG_8921 (Small).jpg

Then I started tidying up the wiring...starting at the motor.
There's an outlet strip built into the tool box on the opposite side that I am going to use for the lathe motor and light. When I bought and installed the motor power cord, I made sure that it was long enough to nicely reach all the way around to the power strip.
IMG_8922 (Small).jpg
I drilled 1/4" holes and used cushioned clamps:
IMG_8923 (Small).jpg

Cover clearance is okay:
IMG_8924 (Small).jpg

IMG_8925 (Small).jpg
Progress stopped at this point because I used 5/16 bolts for the backsplash, and the holes in the clamps were only 1/4". I could have just drilled more holes, but...
IMG_8926 (Small).jpg

...Overnight, I printed some cable tie mounts with a 5/16 hole:
IMG_8929 (Small).jpg
I should get them installed tonight and wrap up the wiring.
Wiring finished:
IMG_8941 (Small).jpg
IMG_8933 (Small).jpg
I made use of existing holes/screws for the wiring on the end. I'm happy with it - I mainly wanted to keep it from snagging on anything, and it is up tight against the toolbox.
IMG_8939 (Small).jpg
I tried a .016 shim to get the tailstock aligned. I just did a front shim for the first test - the rear shim will be added when I am sure about the height:
IMG_8953 (Small).jpg
It's a tad high with a .016" shim, so I'm going to use .012" instead:
IMG_8954 (Small).jpg
Side to side alignment is easy - I'll do this alignment again after I change shims:
IMG_8955 (Small).jpg

Then I set the height of all my cutting tools, which was a little tedious. At least I have good light! 💡
IMG_8956 (Small).jpg

Edited a couple of hours later to add a final tailstock picture

Looks good with a .012 shim:
IMG_8960 (Small).jpg
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The first lathe project was done this weekend. The lathe is smooth and works well. Two limitations that I discovered:
1) The 2" tailstock travel makes deep drills slow! I've never used a carriage-mounted drill chuck, but I wanted one this weekend.
2) The 10k reversing lever will be a nice upgrade.

A few notes on this project...First, this is very low tolerance stuff - I'm just playing around. Second, I wish that I had some tubing instead of solid stock. Third, I didn't setup the steady rest, which would have been a more rigid, accurate setup. Fourth, my 1/2" boring bar was a little overextended! But, in the end, the part met all requirements!
IMG_8973 (Small).jpg

IMG_8978 (Small).jpg
Test Fit:
IMG_8981 (Small).jpg
This is just a foot peg for a tractor stool:
IMG_8979 (Small).jpg
It'll be held on with a few setscrews on the bottom side.
IMG_8980 (Small).jpg

IMG_8982 (Small).jpg

IMG_8983 (Small).jpg

IMG_8984 (Small).jpg
Now, I need to make a mate for the other side, and then 2 more for a similar tractor stool.

I'm going to try to do the initial bore on the drill press, which should help speed things up. I started to do that yesterday, but I realized that my Palmgren drill press vise was missing the jaw retaining plate - more on that soon!
The deal for deep drilling is, you wind in the drill, unlock the tailstock from the bed, retract to clear chips, travel forward again so it's cutting, wind in some more. When you run out of travel you wind the ram back while it's retracted, and then you've reset the problem. For large drills the toolpost mount can be problematic.

The one plus with the tumbler reverse setup that requires the wrench, you're not tempted to try and change it while the machine is running, or winding down. That's how tumber reverse gears go to heaven.
Fantastic, glad to see it in action!

There’s a you tube series on making a tail stock extension. I did it to mine, I think it has 3 or 3-1/2” travel now. Not a trivial project but completely doable
This is a case where a piece of plywood would work fine, but a 3d printed part is slightly better...
Here's a sliver of a way protector for chuck changes printed in black nylon. I just did a sliver at first to check the fit on the ways, since the large part will take a while to print:
IMG_8996 (Small).jpg

IMG_8997 (Small).jpg

IMG_8998 (Small).jpg

I'll print the entire part at about 6" wide after I get the dimensions fixed:
IMG_8999 (Small).jpg

I'm going to tweak some of the dimensions to get a better fit, and then print the full part.
IMG_9001 (Small).jpg
Make it flat on top and you can also use it to hold tools on the other side of the carriage while you are working.
Or not.
Good suggestion - I wanted this protector with a scallop, so I could set a chuck on it and not have it roll off.

But I could do another one to hold tools that had a nice recessed area.
Make it flat on top and you can also use it to hold tools on the other side of the carriage while you are working.
Or not.

Good suggestion - I was trying to leave clearance under it for my hand. I've got 4", 5" and 5.5" chucks. We'll see how it goes. I can always change the design slightly and print another one.
Side Project to Deep Drill three more of the Tractor Stool Foot Pegs:
A few months ago, I picked up a nice Palmgren vise at a swap meet. It was cheap - $20, if I remember correctly. So I didn't really inspect it well enough (translation: "didn't inspect it at all").

It had some light surface rust over all the machined surfaces.
IMG_9007 (Small).jpg
4" wide jaws:
IMG_9008 (Small).jpg
1.75" depth:
IMG_9009 (Small).jpg
IMG_9011 (Small).jpg
My intention was to machine the missing retaining plate tonight. But by the time I cleaned up my garage (translation: "uncovered the mill"), and cleaned up the vise, it was time for the NBA playoffs:
Cleaned and reassembled:
IMG_9012 (Small).jpg
I've got a piece of 1/4" hot rolled for the plate:
IMG_9013 (Small).jpg
IMG_9014 (Small).jpg
Standard 5/16-18 hardware:
IMG_9015 (Small).jpg
As I mentioned before, I make good use of the long arm on the drill press LED light! :)
IMG_9018 (Small).jpg
Machining tomorrow, hopefully!