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Static converter ok to run a Hardinge ASM?


Cast Iron
Sep 12, 2008
Eugene Oregon
Buddy basically got this ASM out of his way via bringing it to my shop. It functions, per his bud that has run them, he has less than a grand into it and I have loose terms to see if it can help me or not so, ok. It is missing the coolant oil pump/tank assy. so I'll have to put something together for that. He brought a VFD with it but later found it's 3ph input.
I'd rather not run my RPC to power such small load so I'm wondering if the ASM without delicate circuitry can handle the dirty power of a cheap static converter well enough?
Also curious about this. I have 98 Mori Seiki - CL200 and would like to do some control and simple function testing because it needs some work. It will be moved to proper 3 phase once I have got everything working correctly. Im looking for the minimum I could use to complete these tasks.