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Steam Launch in Auction in Nunda NY

Thanks Dave !

Looks like a modern built Compound Steam engine installation based on Allen head cap screw construction. Nice boat and power plant. Good for a Sunday afternoon ! I'm quite sure that boiler will supply plenty of steam....


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It looks like the same one I saw on the 175th anniversary of the Rideau Canal in 2007
I thought I posted these pictures in another thread but can't seem to bring them up unless they were on Photobucket.
I had posted about the event beforehand in this thread
Most of the links won't likely work now.
I have to search my pictures to see if there are any more.
This appears to be the only link that still works
I'll see if I have any more pictures of it .
P.S here is a link to a video from the 150th flotilla from 1982
that predates the boat in the auction


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I found some more pictures from 2007.


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Anyone here have any practical experience with running a boat like that?

I am a life long live steamer who built his own live steam locomotive. I love steam, fire machinery and smoke it's just addicting to play with.

When I started building my locomotive the club I belonged to was on the other side of town and it was an easy choice. Now living 1.5hrs from the nearest track, and driving a suboptimal towing vehicle, the thing is such a pain to take anywhere that I am starting to think the key requirement for my next steam project is no rail!

That puts me at either a boat or traction model. I am leaning towards a large traction engine with a mower deck on board just because Sunday mowing would never be more fun but a boat seems like it possibly could open even more opportunities for fun and exploration.

With that said that's an awful lot of shiny metal to leave outside unattended in a local lake.

Seems like without a big barn to store it in one would be asking for trouble? A boat like that where does it usually get stored at operated? Are there a lot of marinas with adequate parking for something like that or does it usually live in its owner's shed just to come out a few times a year to launch locally on a nearby lake? What's the load/unload timeframe look like? Anyone here into boating with a vintage launch?

With the large locomotive I find it's almost 1.5hrs load. 2hrs drive 1.5hrs unload and steam up needless to say if I get the locomotive out 1-2 times a year I would consider it a lot. If I were to get into steam boating would I be repeating much of the same issues?
I haven't had anything to do with steam boats for years but a friend had one of the ones featured in the 1982 video posted earlier.
I seem to recall someone on this forum had a steam launch and featured it in a thread about 10 years ago .
As I recall he was somewhere in the New England states so perhaps he will reply if he is still watching the forum .
I don't see any announcements for 2022 but there have been steam boat meets in New Hampshire for many years so maybe trying to take in something there if there is one this summer might give you some ideas since it is relatively close to Conn.
Clayton New York is a bit farther away but there maybe something doing there as well.
It looks like you missed the start of that one for this year .
I do know that a traditional wooden boat depending on the hull finish is best kept docked in the water during the season so that the wood doesn't dry out and the hull leaks .
A steam boat is an easy build.....I had one in the 80s,steel hull,boiler was two Wiles cooker boilers ,and a compound engine.......at the time we had crane trucks delivering bricks ,so it was just back down the ramp ,and lift the boat into the river ,same to go home......no leaving boats unattended for marine thieves......I did end up having to get a boat registration,because if you use the ramps ,you must get one.......any land model boiler is pretty strictly officialized,but they dont seem to worry about boats.