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Studer s40 plunge on taper g9204


Jun 9, 2023
I'm wondering if there is anyone familiar with studer s40's .
I'm pretty new at grinding in general but not new to machining.
familiar with some mills, lathes, and cincom screw machines(l20 and l32)
now trying to get familiar with this studer s40 grinder( 1997 model with fanuc controls)

i've got one complete job done with some beginning help with a trainer. so not much done on my own till now.

Problem i'm having is i want to grind a 5 degree angle on the outer diameter of a part.I have another diameter close to a shoulder both need to be ground and the angle is on the same side of the wheel of those grinds. so i can't just dress the angle into the wheel. I have to swivel the wheel head to do all diameter in one operation. i've gone through the book for the machine and it looks like i have it programmed out right and i have the help of the "pictograming".
when i run the program it moves to the dimensions as expected , But the wheel head is not swiveling to the 5 degree that i program it too. It stays at 0 degrees.

I'm wondering if there is an option in the machine that needs to be turned on or if i'm over looking something.
any help from the community would be much appreciated
lmao never mind figured it out. Didn't realize I had to call the wheel up again at the angle I want to grind at.
Very much learning with every set up. all previous grinding " experience" is on an old manual myford.