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Subroutine calls, repeat


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Oct 20, 2015
I have a 1998 Hardinge Conquest 42 Lathe, Fanuc OTb

I want to run a sub routine 20 times and then stop.
Normally that would be like this
M98 P1000 L20 where L20 is the repeats.
But there is no "L" key on the control.

ok, this is strange, but I sent a program to the machine with the L command and it worked fine. Just no L on the machine keypad but it still reads it.
Go figure.
On that control there were 2 keypad options. One was the mini which cost less, was smaller, but lacked features and the other option was a full keypad. Myself and a few others on this forum have sourced the full keypads off ebay and converted to them. It’s plug compatible and one parameter change.