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Super rugged shear (or blow apart) for sale on Marketplace?


This is for sale on Market place. The ad says it's 60" wide and cuts 3/16 steel and 1/8 stainless.
I asked the seller if he actually has cut such material that thickness on it and he said 'yes'.
WHAT say ye?
My thoughts are it would disassemble itself into pieces.

shear on FBMP.jpg
No sign of a builders plate but the '262' makes me think its a Niagara 262. I have a 6ft Niagara 272 (72 for 72"?) similar and the platen is stamped MFD 1916 and CAP 14GA. I asked for a demo.....(demonstration but I'm thinking demolition) and he said 3 phase, no way to run it.
I have a similar vintage Niagara 196...not sure of the manufacture date, but the fasteners are 1/2" 12 TPI, so it's old. It's an 8' shear...I think it's 18 gauge capacity.
Mabey he's cut 1/2" wide aluminum strips with it?

I'd love to have one of those old flywheel mechanical sheers in our shop one day. Missed out on one once online that was $1000 with free freight shipping! Walked away thinking it could be a basket case and I had no way to inspect it.
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Possible...yes....unlikely, also yes.

But, you'd be surprised.

We had a 1/4" x 10' flywheel shear that when I was told was rated for that I had the same reaction. That flywheel packed one hell of a punch and scared the hell out of me. On occasion it would double punch.

That stupid machine sold at surplus auction for $12,000. I thought we'd have send it to the scrap yard.
Underdriven shear, If I remember correctly 16 Ga mild. I cannot imagine it wouldn't stall in the begging of the cut on anything thicker then 12 Ga if it didn't distroy something first.