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Supertec Planotec 2040NC Crossfeed Servo not working


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Oct 7, 2006
Petaluma CA 94952
Ive got a 2013 Supertec Planotec 2040NC surface grinder. Turned it on today after it sat a few weeks and now the servo motor that operates the infeed/outfeed does not work. The servo for the head up/down works fine. The PLC control uses the cross feed motor to index the table when running a program. Also, the manual feed thats needed to set the limits for a job dont work either. The manual feed buttons for cross dont light up as they are supposed to. If you try to run a program, the machine does not move in cross and stops after a few table back and forth cycles. No error on the control.

I keep the machine powered off when not in use and also keep the power disconnected from the cabinet when not in use so there were no surges. Its a simple PLC type control with a few canned cycles. Never had any problems with it since Ive owned it over the last year and a half. Anyone with one of these have any idea of how to get this going again? Supertec tech support is not so super so I dont have much hope there, but I was going to call them tomorrow in any case.
Ah, I didnt notice I was in plunge mode, must have brushed the touch screen and didnt notice it was highlighted. Of course, you cant move crosswise when youre in plunge mode, even if youre just setting up the cross limits for a job. You have to be in either stepped crisscross or continuos crossfeed to use the servo crossfeed feature. Whats confusing is that you can go in and change the NC menu entries in all three modes, and see the DRO output on the screen but youre still only operating in one of the three modes. I had the wrong mode highlighted on the touch screen.