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Table stops for a B&S #13 ?


Jul 23, 2001
Buffalo NY
Does anyone have and wants to sell
a pair of table stops for a B&S #13 ?
I started making one, but I know the
originals engage on the gear rack in
the tee slot. That would be nice to
have. I am grinding some shafts
with steps, and my Sony DRO died.
So stops would be nice to have.
Also be nice to have that reversing
lever thingy that the stops actually
bump up against. My machine is a
#13H for Hand Feed. It has the stub
block on the front of the gearbox for
the reversing lever, but no lever.
The stub block is fixed in position, so
just adding the missing lever will make
it work for having the table stops bear
against it. Thanks if you have some
to sell. Else I will continue to make
my own, only not as nice.

Doozer, if you make table travel stops.

I like one end to be a spring loaded push plug, and the other end to be a screw thread with 40 tpi so one can move the stop to the other side to become a solid stop with 8 pin holes, so to be adjustable with each hole a .003 movement.

I used to by hand puhing free travel back and forth across a wheel on a Cinci Tc grinder to make travels bouncing off the spring push plug, with one direction stop a little longer so I could index to the next tooth or part feature..
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I have a No.13, but I think it might also be missing what you need. I've attached a photo.B&SNo13Grinder01.jpg
Sorry, but I know nothing about this machine. It just holds down a corner of my shop :-)