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Tapatalk not working now..?

52 Ford

May 20, 2021
So, I usually get on the forum on my phone using the Tapatalk app.

It ain't workin' since forum upgrade. What gives?
Doesn't work for me anymore either. The good news is that the new forum works fine on my phone using Firefox.

The other forum I frequent is about to change software to a platform with it's own app, so soon I'll be able to delete Tapatalk.
What gets me is that I'm on forums that use the same format that Practical Machinist switched to and it works flawlessly for them. I mean... Tapatalk still KINDA sucks, but it's easy to share pictures on there.
Maybe be like a couple of other forums I'm on that had Tapatalk. Tap wanted access to user id's and data and the forum owners said nope....