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The Scammers are Thick - Beware

Just found out my elderly mother-in-law has been dropping about 5k a year donating to every sad animal support group that mails her a letter with address stickers included. My wife had quizzed her about this several times and she simply lied. We found out when she had a fall and had to come stay with us. It is her money, but she lives like a hermit. 400/month would improve her lifestyle greatly, but she says she can't afford it. But those poor animals, and those crummy scams!

These guys know what they are doing, and that makes them all the more reprehensible.
A friend's mother-in-law was chatting with another grandmother, and the other person asked, "You want to see something really cool?
The other person sent something..and that something, when opened, fried the mother-in-law's computer, It went belly-up...The computer store could not fix it and went into the scrapper.