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Thin AL Plate Machining required USA Based Companies ONLY


Jun 16, 2022
We are looking for a USA (Houston preferred) CNC machining shop capable to machine the attached part, it will be made from AL 6061 alloy
The thickness will be 1/16 IN


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The issue is going to be the blind side holes more so then the wall dimensions. A vac plate should suffice for hold down. You should denote what the overall dimensions are also
Put fillets on the inside vertical corners. Sharp inside corners are a PITA.

Also, yes, drilling the holes in the interior ribs is going to be quite the trick. I don't know of any angle-head attachment that is thin enough to fit down in the pockets.


Oh boy! Someone was having fun in CAD, and no clue about manufacturing. Let me guess, the budget is $20 each?
You posted this in an appropriate subforum here 2 months ago and didn't get any bites.

It actually had prints of what you needed. It was a relatively good post. But you must not have gotten any responses.

But now you've posted it here, with barely any information. You know this isn't cnc related, so you're gonna get dumb answers and made fun of for it.
Thank you for viewing my post, we have 2 options, CNC machined parts, and welded parts, it depends on the manufacturing capability, we are looking for making 3 units, please who are interested (MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA) let me know and I will send him the CAD model and 2D drawings with all dimensions to get quotes