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Tig welder coolant

MC Parts Kid

Aug 27, 2014
Hoboken NJ
I'm doing maintenace on my Miller Syncrowave 250. I want to change the coolant. Miller wants $56 clams a gallon and most places will only sell a box of four. Anybody here have an alternative? Thanks, Bob L
I've been using this in my welder for a few years after I needed to keep it in an unheated space:

Much cheaper than the Miller coolant. I haven't had any ill effects from it.
I used distilled water and it turned brown. Found that there were two fittings in the coolant system that were rusting.
Made copies from some 304SS. If I had been changing Miller coolant every 6 months I would have never seen this.
I left distilled water in the system. It's a bad design when a pressed in barrel starts to rust. Might even pop out of the hole.
Sitting above the enormous machine transformer.

DSC_0558.JPG DSC_0556.JPG
dont use automotive coolant!,
worst case they all say to run straight water unless you get into freezing temperatures, then you add coolant.
around here its about $20-30 a 1 gal jug, still made from glycol, just not the ethelene type, more or less food grade chiller coolant.
all welding places can get it.
I wouldn't run straight water...I'd always want some sort of anti-corrosion agent in there. I also suspect the goo-goo helps the pump stay at least a little lubricated.
I think we're currently using Profax 70/30 blend (ethylene glycol) coolant in our TIG cooler. I know we've also used propylene glycol in the past and still have a few jugs of it on the shelf. Can't recal what brand or where we got it as it's in un-branded jugs.