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TIlt to rotary table


Mar 19, 2024
How to do it?

I have a rotary table. I want to tilt it to 12.5 degrees angle.
Some suggested to buy a billet and machine it to that angle. THat's expensive if i have multiple angles.

Is there any manual accessories where I can put my rotary table on that and turn it to any degree I want?

I can build one myself as well, if anyone has any experience and success.
They make tilting work tables for big radial drills. We have one that we bought used, and there are probably more out there. You could try Yoder Machines. They have lots of accessories like that.
There are bolts at either end clamping the table to the base. Have not used it with the rotary yet but have machined angled manifolds using it.
Had an old boss make a huge sine plate out of two scrap mold bases. It was awesome, nearly 30” x 40” or so.

Plate will only be as accurate as your ability to make the pivot and reference diameter square and consistent on centre distances. And the OD of the ref diameter/plate base.