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tip/ how to doc: Loading programs onto Haas via gotek USB flppy emu.


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Jul 29, 2014
Mich, USA
Short reference on what it took to get the Haas w/ go-tek USB floppy emulator reading the files on my USB stick AND then transferring them onto the Haas itself.

Note- No docs, no instructions could be found. All I knew was the 98 VF/4 I bought has a go-tek USB as opposed to a floppy. I found a few hodge-podge threads and videos around, but nothing A to Z. Here is my step-by-step I'll keep near for later when I need to do this all again.

Part of the ahhh-ha came I found some threads that you need to get the USB stick to act like a floppy (in size) and go so far as to format the USB stick itself as a 1.44 floppy device w/ some free utility software. Yep.. part of the big ticket to ride today!

1) I needed to download a utility to format my USB stick as a 1.44mb floppy. Could not load full app. here for you. too large. use the URLS below.
URL is/was: ipcas - USB Floppy Emulator V2 – Download
1a) File ref. clickView attachment USBFormat_V2.zip for the smaller command line utility.

2) Once I installed the applet, I popped the USB into a slot and then formatted the USB stick as a floppy.
3) I Dragged the gcode files from my laptop folders onto the USB stick now formatted as a floppy.

3) I put the USB stick into the Haas USB slot, fired up the Haas.

4) Press the 'list programs' button.
5) arrow up/down and select the 0899 Dir List program.
6) Use the 'erase program' button to delete this old/inaccurate 0899 dir listing. (you will create a new one next)
7) Press F4. Screen shows FLOPPY Read, Floppy Done. (something like that). This will create the new and updated list of the files on your USB device.
8) Now go back and select the now new 08999 Dir List program and press EDIT.
9) New editor screen appears. Press F1.
10) Along top, use arrow keys and access the I/O menu.
11) Now access the 'floppy directory' option under I/O.
12) The list of files on your USB stick will now show up on the right side of the screen. arrow up/down as needed.
13) I had 15 or so files to pull in. All I did was select the file I wanted and pressed 'Enter/Write' and the file was copied into the Haas. (you'll see a stats msg. while it works).
14) Pressed LIST PGM button again and scroll up/down the list and confirm all are now there on the haas.

Again, there are probably other ways to use a larger USB stick (over 1.44mb) But this worked for now and I'll add onto the tip as I go along. There are also several buttons on the go-tek USB device I have. It also seems to have some way to press these and select 0-999 on the LED indicator? No clue on what this can do for me yet.