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Tool for cutting SS wire


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Apr 10, 2014
I've been shopping for stainless steel grit and it is surprisingly hard to find and has outrageously high shipping costs. Comes out to about $400 for 55lb bag. There is a ton of SS mig wire on ebay at like 1/10th the price. So i though may be i can buy an electric cutter that i can feed the SS 316 mig wire through to end up with cut wire blasting media. Any one has any sub $100 recommendations for such a tool?
Sub $100??

Lineman's pliers, manual only, a few days, lots of coffee and probably a few blisters later you'll be $260.00 ahead, minus the coffee.

Sorry I just had to.....
I thought the answer would be similar to what you said, but was hoping that maybe there was like cheap Chinese cutter thing...
Do you have a mig welder? There is the feeder half of the equation. I could see the wire being fed through a hole in a die block and chopped off by a disc with several spokes driven by a gearmotor
There's that old boy's handy book metal lathe method, in amongst the pipe bombs, hydrogen generators, and dog shockers, for "production" chopping wire to same lengths.

To automate, perhaps put an adjustable friction feeder (maybe adapted from a MIG wirefeed itself???) out board of the lathe spindle.
In the working end of the spindle, the wire feeds through a hardened bushing off center from the spindle axis/center. There is an adjustable stop outboard of the spindle. On the carriage, a fixed shear blade presses against the hardened bushing. Wire feeds to stop as spindle rotates past shear blade, chopping it off, feeds again before next rotation complete, etc. Stop could even be constructed as attachment on the shear blade

Or you could contrive an air cylinder to operate a dedicated shear, same stop and friction feed so it can run lights out. :)

Or buy one:

I bought a reasonably powerful and reasonably cheap electric nibbler. Will see if i can make it cut ss wire the way i want..
Hammer and chisel, a home shop Harry solution for a home shop Harry question. No wonder this site is losing people, for every legitimate question there are a hundred stupid questions that can be answered with a Google search.
I just remembered there's an off the shelf solution only requiring a little modification and work just for jobs like this. Moore jig grinder.
If i had that much space in my garage I'd rather get a Tormach 1100M.