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Tool Life, Hydraulics, and more

How do shrink holders compare to hydraulic holders?

And, Fal Grunt, I don’t think you said what the material you’re cutting is. Maybe you can’t for some reason? I’m very curious though. Maybe I missed it.
S45VN 32-34 HRC, it's earlier in the thread
@Fal Grunt Is your machine capable of using Full Contact tooling?
When I worked for Doosan/DNS we would run demos using that and saw quite an improvement in tool life.
No, it isn't. Someday I may upgrade, but when I purchased the machine I couldn't swing the extra cost. I know from experience running a Doosan with dual contact, that the dual contact was quite an improvement. Trust me, if I could, I would!
That is one issue with Brother’s whole “taste the rainbow” approach to spindle load.

I forgot which machine you have - X1 or X2?

The Speedio X2 (and later) machines all have tool load monitoring. The whole X2 upgrade was driven by Sanyo Denki upgrading their line of spindle drives to include much higher load sensitivity. Sensitive enough that a couple of customers are using it on <3mm end mills to monitor wear with a high success rate.