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Tool stuck in the spindle after tool change arm collision

Stefano Prato

Apr 17, 2021
I was trying to uso a go pro to film a machining operation and I placed it in a indicator base with a 8 mm shaft. I attached it to a metal sheet cover that move with the Z axis. During tool change the ram collided with the lower part of the indicator base shaft. I don't know if I pressed reset or if the machine stopped first on it's own but the tool is stuck in the spindle and if I try to release it it moves slightly up or down. The machine is an Okuma which allow to run the tool change routine step by step, but I can't move to the next or previous step. I'm sure that Monday (today is Saturday) the support will find a solution but my question is: you think that I might have damaged the spindle taper? The collision was with the tool change arm only and very light as the indicator base was connected with a simple magnet but I'm worried because the tool holder is dragging on one side of the spindle taper drive by the vertical force of the drawbar that tries suck it and the lateral force of the slightly inclined tool change arm. I guess it is nothing compared to cutting forces but I would like to be reassured as it is my first machine.
I would be more concerned with the drawbar grippers than the taper. But it sounds like the angle is minor so probably all is well.
you think that I might have damaged the spindle taper?
I'd look at the grippers and make sure those didn't get bent.
When you get it fixed, manually step thru the tool change step by step to see if they are aligned. Do you know how to do this with the pulse handle so that it's nice and slow?
Thanks for the answers. I solved the problem with the technician and the spindle taper seems fine. For some reason I got a movement on the X axis and the spindle moved from the toolchange X position; I had to disassemble the arm and still it didn't fall off until I slightly moved the X axis.