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Jul 14, 2009
Peoria, IL
Hey guys. It's been a while.

I am cleaning up my shop and found some things I know I have not used in at least a year, so it's time to let them go.

You can PM me or email me at [email protected]

First up is a Huot bench top tool holder rack for 40 taper tools. It's a little dirty. Holds 24 tools. They're about $120 new. Asking $40. Shipping will be expensive.


3 brand new vise handles for Kurt type vises. $5 each.


2 sets of 6" hard jaws for Kurt style vises. A little crusty, but will clean up. Have the groove in one jaw for your accessories. $10 each.


Lufkin depth mic set. Two mics and a set of rods in a wooden case. Somehow I have two 0-1" rods, but no 1-2" rod. Has one tapered rod for 0-1" $50

Lots of pull studs.

Cat 50, one with a 45 degree bottom angle. 3 brand new Parlec 50TRK. Look like a scaled up Fadal pull stud. $30 all. Will not separate.

IMG_1664.jpg IMG_1665.jpg IMG_1666.jpg

Cat 40, 30 degree angle on the bottom surface. 16 total, 8 are brand new. $40 all.

IMG_1667.jpg IMG_1668.jpg
More pull studs.

Cat 40 with 45 degree bottom surface. Should work on a Haas. I think there are 44, 8 are new. $110 all.

IMG_1669.jpg IMG_1670.jpg

ER40 collet set. There's 52 of them in a wooden holder. Plus a few bonus DA collets. These are all nominal metric collets. $200


Glendo 260 grit lapping disk for the Accufinish machine. These are stupid expensive new. $80

IMG_1672.jpg IMG_1673.jpg
Walter cat 50 face mill. 6" diameter. Takes APKT style inserts. What you see is what you get. $50


Dorian 50 taper tightening fixture. Built like a tank. These are $400 plus new. $100


6" parallels. Missing one size. These are used. Don't expect perfection. $10

IMG_1676.jpg IMG_1677.jpg
Draw nut for a hydraulic chuck. I think it was in an MMK, but I don't remember. Also some T-nuts for 8" MMK chucks. I don't remember if these will fit a Kitagawa or not. It's been a while. $10 for the lot.

IMG_1678.jpg IMG_1679.jpg

Lots of soft jaws. All from Monster Jaw.

2" tall steel for 8" Kitagawa type chucks. Pointed. Brand new. 2 sets. $70 all.

IMG_1680.jpg IMG_1681.jpg
6" x 3" steel vise jaws. Two sets. $70 all.

IMG_1682.jpg IMG_1683.jpg

6" x 2" steel vise jaws. 4 sets. $80 all.

IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1685.jpg

6" x 3" aluminum. Never cut, but were used. $30 both.

Whole pile of 6x3 and 6x2 reversible aluminum jaws, all 1" thick. These have all been cut, but were in the "still good for something" pile. I think there's 12 pairs. $30 all. Will not separate.


LCD retrofit from an old Mitsubishi control. Should work for older Mazaks. Unfortunately, I broke the LCD while moving, but the electronics are all there to convert the signal. Setup for an "edge connector" video input. $50

IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1692.jpg IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1694.jpg
Lot of insert drills. Sumitomo and Sandvik. Don't know that much about them. $20 all. Includes some inserts.


MPG hand wheel. 3 axes, 3 speeds. Came from a Mitsubishi control. $20.


Lube brand way lube pump from an old machining center. Worked fine when removed. $20.

I will take the 12 sets of aluminum jaws and 1 vise handle. If you have more steel jaws in decent shape, I would like those as well.


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