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Training available for Hyundai Hit-15s with 840c control

Jul 28, 2022
Good morning, we are looking to
start bringing our 1996 Hyundai Hit-15s online.
We bought it a few months ago. It’s powered up and we are starting to set tooling and eager to run some jobs thru it.

Dose anyone know if there is factory training available or someone available near western Connecticut that would be willing to do quick training run down. The book is one thing but training from person to person is much easer to digest.
We would be willing to pay for the day if someone local is willing to give us the time.
I have ran okumas, haas, and proto trak lathes. Late 90s okumas for over 5 years so 2 axis lathe isn’t anything new.
Just looking for someone with experience on the 840c control and Hyundai.

Thank you