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Trak CNC 2


Mar 12, 2024
Shirley, IL
I have a TRAK CNC 2 that I picked up. When I did, the Y-axis seemed inverted, the X-axis seemed fine, but now the tune of everything has changed.

DRO works great as expected, but I am getting some very erratic motor behavior. I ordered an oscilloscope to start hunting down the exact gremlins.

Here's the behavior right now:
- On any move command (whether that be a jog or a move), the machine moves to (-3.3, -3.3) and then oscillates as shown in the video.

I'm new to using the forums here rather than just lurking but I'd appreciate any ideas on what may be wrong or places to start looking for problems!

Well, that one dates from the mid/late 1980's. If you go to the Southwestern Industries website to Service and Parts Retrofits, then to the manuals link and look at the Service and Installation section, you will see service documentation on that model (I believe).

Sorry I can't help further....but our TRAK mills are somewhat younger vintage than the one you have.

Fred, that WAS surprisingly helpful. I found a separate service manual than the one that came with the machine and it spoke of SPECIAL codes 101 and 102, which show the encoder info for both the gage wheels and motor encoders.

The x axis encoders do not agree on direction.

The y axis motor encoder is not doing anything. I took it apart, and I checked the cable - continuity is great. Suspect the encoder itself or the chip is busted.

I think since it didn't get motor encoder feedback, it wasn't getting the direction setup correctly either (as it needs both X and Y to move in this step, I think?). Hence the bad x behavior too?