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Transferring programs to machines?

What is a good software or device to use to transfer programs to an older CNC machine with an RS-232 cable? I have to drip feed\DNC a lot of programs because the controller only has 253K bites of free storage. I have always used the Esprit WDNC software, because that is what I was trained on, but they do not service it anymore. I am running Esprit as my CAM software and sending code to a SNK RB-5VM gantry mill with a Fanuc 18i-MB controller.
Currently I am coming out of a computer USB port, adapting to 9 pin serial cable, adapting that to a 25 pin parallel, that connects to the cable that runs my machine. I used to run a 9pin port out of the computer, but after a computer crash and upgrade to Windows 10 it quit working. The driver wasn't compatible with Windows 10.
I feel like I need to upgrade from what I am currently using. I just had the machine run the tool into a part, and looking at the code where we stopped it, we seen some issues. The code was sending it to an area nowhere near the part (G03 X1500.) only those two items in the block, no R code, and the material is 387 X515 I have no idea where it was going. I went back to the NC Edit software and searched for that, and it isn't there.

Hyper terminal works in windows 10. You have to down load this off the Web.I use it on my tablet. I have no handshake capability with it because the CNC mill doesn't support handshaking.
At my last shop I used the free DNC software from OneCNC. You have to register to use it, and they send you emails and flash an advertisement on the DNC software every time you open it, but it wasn't that intrusive at all and the software worked very well for us.


I bought this to transfer programs to 6 different CNC's and two 4th axis indexers. It has worked flawless. I use Cimco for program transfer. Each machine shows as it's own port. I like it.

I tried like hell to setup Moxa boxes and get them to talk to a PC, both wired and wireless and never could get anywhere with it. Probably something dumb I just didn't understand, nothing against Moxa, I hear great things, just not for me I guess.
...I use Cimco Edit for a text editor, and they have an option to add serial communication and DNC capability to Edit-works very well, and it's nice to have it all in one program.

Cheers, Brian
I use Kate or Gedit for an editor, so there. Choice of editor is subjective, use what you like. A programmer's editor may prove useful, it'll keep track of indentation, parentheses, brackets, all kinds of neat things. Usually has good search and replace functions.