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Trenton Anvil? I'd like to be 100% sure


Sep 14, 2018
I picked up a nice old ORANGE anvil over a year ago, I had cleaned it up and have been using it as much as I can. I am very happy with the size and rebound, and recently I was asked about the manufacturer. I posted a video reviewing the details of the anvil and the serial number etc. After lots of research, I am pretty sure that it is a Trenton Anvil made in Columbus Ohio in the early 1900s.


Here are some of the specs and a link to the video for a visual.

Weight: 137 lbs
Serial A '4210' (it includes what look like TRIANGLES stamped in the foot also
Drop-forged body
High-carbon forge-welded steel face
Horizontal horn (not slanted upwards)
The Logo has been concealed by tool tests
There is an oval depression on the bottom
There is a 'U' stamped under the heel
This anvil looks a lot like many Trenton anvils I have seen, and matches most details.

If anyone has info so that I can be 100% sure I would really appreciate their thoughts.


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