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Tsugami NP20 Error

Mark T

Aug 24, 2004
I have a Tsugami NP20 showing Error Code 1100 "SUB CPU ALARM" and 550 "OVER TRAV EL :+5"
I have checked the over travel switches and they seem to be fine. The machine is not in an over travel state.... but, the controller thinks it is. I am guessing the CPU alarm is because of the overtravel. When I press and hold the reset button... everything come back on line, however when I release it... back to the error. Has anyone else had this problem before. my thought is I have a bad relay on the control board. I have all the books... except the wiring diagram. Can anyone help??
Fanuc control? I wonder if there is something wrong with the sub CPU board. You might want to call a Fanuc specialist to help you diagnose the problem over the phone.