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Two Putnam Planers for Sale on FB Marketplace


Cast Iron
Apr 25, 2008
Elk Grove, CA
Saw these this morning, if anyone wants a nice planer project. They look 1870s vintage to me. No affiliation to seller.

Link to photos of large planer:


Link to photos of small planer:


Copied from the listing:

I am helping an older friend pare down his projects that will never get done. He has two Putnam planers that he wants to find new homes for. Both were disassembled with plans to restore them but like many projects they took a back burner and never got done. The pics I posted are some random pics of both machines. But due to the amount of pics I have, here are links to my Flickr albums for both.
Larger planer:

Smaller planer:

Here are the specs on both:

Larger planer: 94" overall length, 68" overall height, 33.5" upright height, bed is 68"x16.5"x3.25". Dave says that all pieces should be there. Not sure of year of manufacture. Asking $3,500

Smaller planer: 70.5" overall length, 38" upright height, did not get an overall height, bed is 49.25"x15"x2.75". Dave said that all of the auto feed mechanism parts were missing when he got it and it had a Bridgeport head mounted on it. I believe the bed can be manually cranked. Not sure of year of manufacture. Asking $700

It would be best if you can come look at them. If there are specific pictures you need please let me know.

You can contact me and if there is sincere interest I will connect you with Dave.

Located just south of Annapolis, Maryland


If someone more motivated than me wants to add these pictures to this thread, feel free. Jake

Link to posting: Facebook