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U. S. Burke Model "V" vertical mill


Sep 18, 2007
Hi folks... I am "looking" at a U. S. Burke Model "V" vertical mill. She's in rough visible condition and will need massive cleaning, etc. It's not powered either, so I won't be able to do anything more that turn things by hand. My real questions run along this line; does anyone have pictures of one of the model "V" units, what is known about them, spindle R8? Weight, Height, overall assessment of this mill for home hobby use. Thanks! BoB in Mass.

That was my first mill, long gone. It was about 6' high and I doubt if it weighed more than 1100 lbs, probably less. keeping it running was about like working on a model T

R-8 was one of the spindle options, but they could also be #9 B&S. My main remembers is that the gibb adjustment was damn fiddly. It's not a tapered gibb on the saddle, it's simply grub screws. The crossfeed screw is outboard of the knee, so there is a tendency for the saddle to either stick or fishtail if the gibb is not just thus and so.

That said, It made money. I ended up putting small handwheels on the X-axis so I could clamp shafts atop one of the tee slot nuts and clear the hand-wheels. I did a lot of hollow shaft well pump work for the farmers and air handler jobs for the chicken rancers. They paid well and the work was always after hour emergencies, which suited me just fine.