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Uni-hydro 42-14 ironworker where to get dies?


Oct 26, 2014
I have never even used an ironworker but have been on the lookout for one. Found a uni-hydro for a few hundred bucks locally that I am picking up tomorrow. It only has one set of punch dies in it. Do these interchange with other makes? How hard will it be to find some used ones for extremely low usage? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Feb 24, 2018
Greenfield, Mass
I'm not privy to ironworkers but look at the info on this punch here:

It seems as though a few different models of ironworkers use similar tooling.

And a new USA-made punch looks to be pretty inexpensive. At those prices, if I were buying one I wouldn't even bother looking for used tooling.

Not sure what OEM punches and dies cost but looks like you can get them and they are readily available:

In a pinch you may be able to get some made, but I am not sure where you would find a good machinist around these parts...


dana gear

Hot Rolled
Feb 27, 2013
Northern califorina, usa
You got a 14-42 uni hydro that works for a few hundred bucks then you scored.
I have 2, 14-42 and several of their larger tonnage machines, great machines.
I have purchased punches and dies from a number of suppliers over the years, that said I now only use Uni Hydro punches and dies the pricing is very good and the quality is good as well. Go online and search Uni Hydro there's a link to all there punches and dies along with pricing, they ship straight to you.