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Unsupported older Haas mill control and battery replacement question


Jan 14, 2006
Moira, NY USA
Also have posted in the Haas forum, but not much luck, so I thought I'd try here:

I have a 97 VF-2 I bought new.

I have never replaced the mounted battery on the maincon? board. I'm not getting any battery alarms and I do not plan on messing with it until I do, I'm just trying to plan ahead.

It looks like the board has two boards in front of it, and for these old ones you need to solder on the new battery connections and then cut the old battery off of the board.

I've heard the horror stories where someone tries to install the remote battery kit and something goes wrong and the unsupported control is now toast, and the fix is probably more than the machine is worth.

My question is: What exactly goes wrong to make the control toast? Is it just a case of losing everything during the battery install and not having the parameters and everything backed up? or is there more to it?

Thanks in advance!