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upgrade from disc to usb on mits FX10


Nov 21, 2014
Does anyone know what kind of unit to get when transferring from disc to USB on a Mits FX10? Also, anything special I have to do to make it work besides plug it in? Does the USB stick have to be formatted to anything specific to communicate to machine? Company wants to do it inhouse rather than have Mits do it.

If your looking for a cheap options look on ebay, there around $120.

But you will have to keep that floppy drive on hand for when you need to load your system software.

If you want to do it right, Google emufdd mitsubishi and that website has all the info you need.

Personally I think rs232 is much easier.
The cheapest option (but only for program loading, not system) is gotek emulator from aliexpress (~40$). In my FX20 I have SFRM72-FU-DL, works great.
We have a FX30... Is it possible to get the system files on a usb drive? I dislike loading all that software with multiple disc's. Such a process. But the old guy talks about tape readers. 😂
Yes, but i don't know how to read them because they are CP/M floopies. Some guys send me their system files but pitch error is individual for each machine, they send floopies to guy who make images from them.
You need HxC floopy emulator with SD card.