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used Bridgeport milling machine


Mar 1, 2022
I wanted to buy a Taiwan-made milling machine such as PM-728 or PM-833 for cutting small and accurate pieces but I have seen most of the people recommended to buy a used Bridgeport milling machine. is there any chance to find a decent Bridgeport milling machine under $5000? (accessories are not necessary).
The dimensions of pieces are usually 1" and the material is usually Aluminum/Teflon but sometimes I need to work on the steel sheets withing 4" long. Actually I want to build sensors and a base for them. If you want to understand me more you can take a look inside the Measurement devices.
In these days a manual mill is ideal for me.
For the small Teflon/Aluminum pieces the accuracy should be 0.001" (0.02mm) but for other pieces the accuracy is not tight.
(The sea freight fee should be estimated later)

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A new clone or pig in poke Bridgeport? New. Unless you are doing maintenace work I do not see manual being "ideal".

the 833 is not a bridgeport clone (aka knee mill).
I paid $3800 for my old BP tracer mill with manual controls and a 60" table a couple years back. It is a monster of a series 1 machine. deals are out there if you are patient and keep an eye out.

I don't do "maintenance work" but I do short run final products and custom machining generally in the firearms world. If you want to make lots of something fast you probably don't want a manual machine.
The OP should employ a knowledgeable person on this requirement. It is apparent that the required knowledge is not possessed by the OP. It is possible to find an acceptable BP....no problem. It is also possible to find a better, new, R8 Chinese clone, but without expertise involved, neither one may be the best solution to the OP's requirement............jus saying
Weight and overall machine size are the main limitations in my home shop. When I started searching for a mill quite awhile ago I looked at just about everything that was available either used or off shore including those dovetail rear column mills the OP mentioned he's looking at. Nothing used I could find and in decent shape fit my limitations. And those smaller DT column mills were in my opinion seriously lacking. There at best sort of a mill shaped object. Instead I spent a couple of thousand more that I really wanted to and still had to haul it almost across the whole North American continent from a dealer in New Jersey that was the only one who had them that I could find. But I finally bought what's loosely referred to as a Taiwanese baby Bridgeport. About 3/4 the size of a real Bridgeport with a 9" x 35" table. But what they did was mount a full size 2 hp 3 ph motor and head to the slightly smaller column, knee, X,Y. Mine also has the usual powered spindle feeds that imo are non optional for any mill. Last I checked, PM are now selling the same as mine.

I really thought I wanted a single ph machine, but there only available with 3 ph. In hind sight I'm happy that wasn't an option. I've yet to see any single ph motor work anything close to how a VFD and 3 ph motor does. Dead quiet, smooth, powerful, almost instant reverse etc. I'd also suggest that the price for any mill is almost incidental. Where the real costs are is in all the additional tooling. And that's going to be pretty much the same for any manual mill that's better than a toy and less than a 40 taper other than maybe a fully optioned out Deckel or one of it's clones. Even at 3/4 sized, I've found nothing yet that's designed for the real BP's that doesn't directly bolt onto mine. Power feeds, hold down sets, vises are all easy to find and in general much better than the off shore garbage either new or used if your buying known industrial brands. And that common BP design isn't because there something really rigid, it's because there versatile. Plus a whole lot of the more specialized additional heads were also designed around those standard BP dimensions like the 3.375" spindle diameter. The Volstro rotary milling head I finally found in basically new condition also bolts directly onto my mill. In hind sight, spending a bit more to get what I really wanted worked out to be one of my more intelligent decisions.
The OP dosnt mention his location...........Id say this would be limiting factor ,if outside the US of A..............anyhoo,I thought everyone had to nominate a location ...except eggy of course.