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Used Deckel Maho DMC 70v hi-dyn, what should I be cautious about ?


Sep 20, 2022
Obviously any used machine will have worn parts but is there anything in particular that I should be cautious about in regards to a used deckel maho dmc70v hi-dyn ?
I am told that new parts may not be available for the heidenhain 426 controller or they may be very expensive. I am also told that in Australia the support for this controller is not great. I was told this by a salesman though, who sells another brand so I thought I would see if I could confirm this is correct. I am planning to make injection molds. It sounds like these machines were made for this. I wont expect it to be as good as the latest. The machine I am interested in is a 2001 model with 18,000 rpm spindle