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V1 of my hydraulic angle iron shear failed. Would appreciate any feedback so I can design a better V2.

Got it! Almost ready to build the version 3.

1. Would a 1/2" grade-8 bolt (like in the 3D model) be strong enough to clamp the part?
2. I'll face mill an angle on the punch blade. What degree would you do? Maybe like something in the picture below or a tad bigger since my unit isn't as powerful?
3. How much clearance between the punch and die?

Thank you


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Version 3 works. Was able to shear many pieces by rebuilding with tool steel.

Only problem is that the cuts are deformed. I'm done with this project and will just buy the tool brand new.

Just wondering what may have caused the deformation.

PS. the battery in my helmet is completely dead and I couldn't see anything, so don't mind the horrible welds. Was eager to test the concept.


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Get a saw. A distorted clip is has negative value. Both shear and saw have the slow point being positioning.
Saws are just better.
If the cut piece lying there in the first picture is a sample of the cut you have excessive die clearance. Insufficient clearance you will have a large shiny shear and small break. Excessive clearance little or no shear and a very rounded edge due to material flow on the top and a big burr underneath.
If you can't make the blade, you could contact Edwards or Scotchman and buy one of their blades that fit their angle shears. At least you'd know it is tool steel properly shaped and heat treated.

I own a decent angle shear on my ironworker. Almost never use it. I have learned how to make all the cuts I need to make using my horizontal bandsaw.
I haven't read it all, but I suggest you look at a scotchman Ironworks component angle cutter. It is exactly what you are looking for