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Vernon horizontal mill questions

Jim, thanks for all the recommendations to look at. I found an exploded diagram from a similar milling head by Van Norman. Not the exact one, but one for a No. 12 machine like mine. Maybe a different year? It definitely has a different taper on it though.

The picture i have of that head has a couple key distinctions that still has me scratching my head. First is that mine doesn't have a set screw on the ring gear in the spindle. Second is, mine doesn't have screws that hold the top / bottom flanges on to provide preload to the bearings. I have circled these differences in my picture.
After searching around, i found a picture of another milling head that is nearly identical to the parts that make up my spindle.

Looks like there are 2 bronze tapered bearings that sandwich the spindle in the housing. Now my question is, how do you remove the tapered steel "locating / preload sleeve" that is circled in RED? This is what looks to be keeping the spindle suspended in the head. Do you just grab ahold of it with big channel locks and twist it back and forth in an upward motion?
Screenshot_20210808-065752_Samsung Internet.jpg
I think the cone that you have circled in red must have slid in and out to adjust the bearing clearance.
It is probably stuck in place with the old grease and oil having dried up between the bore of the cone and the spindle.
Perhaps letting it soak a few times with penetrating oil it might work its way in there and let things move.
A little heat from a heat gun or set out in the hot sun for a while might help too.
I would suggest avoiding heating with a torch .
Maybe someone who has had this type of spindle apart will offer a better suggestion .
All I have time for at the moment.
I'll check back later.
Does anyone know what belt sizes to use on a Sheldon/Vernon no.0? I talked to a guy on YOUTUBE that restored one and his belt sizes didn't quite match up how I think they should. I am specifically looking for the two identical belts that drive the spindle inside the body of the mill. Ill see if I can find a picture on a parts list
These are the two belts I am looking for. They shredded as soon as I turned on the machine, so there is no way to measure them accurately. Anybody know what size they are?20220105_203820.jpg
Nobody knows? I was hoping someone had their machine apart at some point and could see the belt size. I'm sure the "right combination" of belts would work, as there is adjustability in the system, but I don't really want to go back and forth with autozone for numerous v belts. Hahaha
If you know the top width of the pulleys and you can measure around the overall length with a tape or string then you could try finding a length of linked V-belt long enough to go around and take out a link or two if needed to have it fit.
They are available from multiple sources so there may be somewhere that you can get a few feet .
If they don't work out you could use one for a sample for the length to get a one piece belt later.
Some local industrial and auto suppliers may have tool to measure belt lengths .
If you could find an old belt the right width that's too long you could cut it to fit and glue it back together and take it for measurement .
How To Measure A Belt - YouTube

linked v belt - Google Search
The two upper belts turned out to be 4L440 V Belts. Incase someone stumbles upon this thread in the future.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. From showing me where to get the parts manuals to identifying the maker of my vertical milling head (from just pictures of it). I could not have done it with you guys.

Here is the finished restoration of the Sheldon No.0 Horizontal Mill
Now, it's time to make the missing arbor and arbor support. I got 4 feet of 1-1/2" cold rolled and several think plates to make it happen!