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Vidmar parts cabinet f/s St. Louis


Cast Iron
Aug 1, 2010
missouri, USA
I have a vidmar cabinet, 10 drawers. Good shape, all drawers work well, I don’t have a key, it’s unlocked. I had 5 cabinets at 1 time as I downsized the last few years and sold some off I woukd swap around drawers to keep a mix that worked for me, that’s why some drawers are different colors. Has a decent amount if dividers/partitions.
If you pull the drawers out, 2 people can slide into into a truck or trailer pretty easy. I have it for sake locally for 950, but will sell it for 850
Ofallon missouri 63366


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Need to move it out of my garage. Getting married in a couple weeks, so need the room. I’ll let it go for 750, I think that a pretty good price for a full height parts cabinet