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VMC Tooling up recommendation. Hydraulic vs ShrinkFit vs Rego ER vs others


Oct 24, 2019

We are getting Makino Slim3N machines with HSK A50 spindle options. We are looking for tooling-up recommendations from the options below:
1) Schunk or equivalent Hydrogrip (Hydraulic) options
2) Rego Fix Powergrip tooling system
3) Haimer or MST Shrink Fit

Can anyone share their experience who has used all 3 or even other options not listed above? What are the factors based on which we should select our tooling, cost vs performance reviews, and maintenance / operational inputs required to operate the above tooling system options? Also, what are some of the must-have holder and tooling options should I keep for spare or just in case usage?

We have been told Shrink Fit tooling is required when we have to machine deep and small features for which we can use their longer tools to achieve high surface finish and accuracies. But if this is not the case then Hydraulic or a good ER system will also work.

Any recommendations or reviews will be appreciated. Purchasing a milling machine for the first time.
We are looking for tooling-up recommendations from the options below:
Reruns are kind of fun because we already know how the story will turn out but seriously, "search" is not a four-letter word

(preferred search engine) site:practicalmachinist.com toolholder hydraulic shrink rego collet

or anything like that wil bring you to a lengthy thread that's not even six months old.