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Way OT - bat bite

Rabies infection can be picked up in a aerosol form in caves. Requires a large bat population and humid conditions.

I got vaccinated for a bicycle trip around Sri Lanka. 19 million people and 30 million dogs with a large westerner on a bicycle I thought it made sense. Personally I would get the treatment.
My 86yr old farmer neighbor would get 6-7 bats in the house every year until he put a new roof on last yr. He’d try to grab it before the cat got them and throw them out. They’d scratch and bite at him all the time. I told him he was crazy because of all the diseases they carry….he called me a pansy ass and opened another beer. He also drank milk straight outta the cow his entire life and never got sick.

If the bat was in the house I probably wouldn’t be to concerned but your bat was flopping around outside for whatever reason. Me personally, I’d get the rabies shots.
I'd get the shots. I believe there has been one rabies survivor, but their brain was scrambled from the high temperatures from the virus.

If anyone ever needs to kill an animal for rabies testing, NEVER do a head shot. Saw it in half with a shotgun if necessary, but leave the head alone. The entire brain and brain stem must be intact for examination to make a diagnosis.
I always hear about how various birds or bats or whatever are beneficial as they 'eat mosquitoes'. So we - being intelligent sorts - put up with all their horseshit. All I can think, though, is there are STILL so many mosquitoes that all those birds and bats are doing a lousy job. I'm not seeing results.

Mosquitoes aren't attracted to bug zappers? Well....they're attracted to something in there because I can look at my bug zapper and there are thousands of dead, zapped mosquitoes stuck to the grille.
Wifey screams there's a bat in the bedroom. I saunter in and she's freaking with the covers over her head cussing at me. It's my fault you know.

I'm standing there watching this neat little mouse with wings fly through the rotating blades of the ceiling fan. Absolutely silent, clearing every blade by exactly 3 inches. For a minute or more. Finally it tires of this dodge the meat grinder game and lands on the bed and I toss a towel on it. Carry it outside and open the towel where it silently departs.

*I don't think she came out from under the covers for two days.
We live 10 minutes away from one of the largest bat caves in the world (Mexican free tail - Bracken Cave) and see them every night except in the winter months. Local health officials recommend every pet dog or cat get vaccinated due to the risk of eating one with rabies - even indoor pets, just in case they find one outside. There is some evidence to support that rabies outbreaks initially start with bats dying and being eaten by raccoons, foxes or coyotes.

I’d highly recommend going to a physician and getting tested. The alternative is not pretty if the bat was a carrier.
A very good point was made by Hobby Shop up above - that bat was flopping around for some reason. That is a significant symptom that greatly increases the rabies risk - an animal that is not afraid of humans, sickly, etc. Sick bat = extremely elevated risk.

Also, if a bat is in your bedroom while you're sleeping, I think they often recommend the shot because you may have been bitten or scratched without knowing it (as you heard they land on the bed) or aerosol exposure, as mentioned above, etc.
If the bat got away, (bad move not at least confining it), I think maybe it would behoove you to call DNR and/or someone who is more of a rabies specialist and ask them, instead of your normal physician. I'm guessing your guy has probably seen all of zero cases of rabies in his career.
Reno, Nevada slot machines, the worst odds of any gaming, take in less then 6%. That pays all the employees and the light bills plus business taxes are high enough there is no state income tax. Odds of the bat being infected are about half of that 6% if it was healthy.
Are you going to risk your life at those odds? You probably complain about the low 4.75% tax rate in North Carolina too.
Bill D
Old Yeller got rabies, and Travis had to put him down. That's the God's honest truth. Of course, we still have to wonder just what Momma did to get that old cowboy to leave Old Yeller behind in the first place. Sure, since the boys was present they claim it was 'for a home-cooked meal' but we all know what that means.....
At this point capturing and testing the bat is impossible, most unfortunately. Your health department would have tested it for you.

I would definitely not trust my impression of non-broken skin. A bat on the ground flopping around has a very high risk of being rabid. I strongly recommend, urge, encourage you contact the health department and/or your physician. I would be amazed if they did not recommend post exposure prophylaxis which involves 3 injections (not the painful and multiple ones of years gone by) followed by vaccination.

Being wrong about this is miserably fatal as death from rabies is excruciating, slow, and can not be prevented once rabies sets in.

You should not take advice here though. Look at the CDC website and search "bat exposure." Incidentally, an exposure does not have to even include a known bite to be dangerous. They also outline post-exposure prophylaxis. I've seen training videos of people dying from rabies. It ain't pretty. This is one for the professionals.

Remember this is not a disease that can be cured by drinking bleach and shoving a light bulb up your rear end. Vaccines have been in use since 1885 so do not wait to see if they work or not.
Bill D
I got a pipistrella ( tiny bat ) bite when I was a kid, sore finger, however we don’t get rabies over here ( I think)
I should imagine it will be ok, check for radiation, just in case you become bat man or man bat as it’s copyrighted I suppose,