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We finished cleaning the Schaublin 135

Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
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We had this Schaublin 135 bought in France

What do you want more ?

Yeah, rapid traverse, starwheel tailstock, taper attachment, backsplash, Heidenhain dro.... At least it has the lever collet closer... excellent buy regardless. You get the stack of change gears with it ?
Beautiful machine Peter, well done. Shame you are not here in Australia!
Interesting they have set it up with 5C collets not the standard B32, but hey It will work just the same. Has the lever collet closer been adapted to work with 5C collets?
Its a carriage manual stop gate, if you move the lever down you can manually pull it out as it slides out on notches so you can set it to bump stop the auto carriage drive. You will see a circular disc on the leading edge of the carriage which has the fine stops in it this engages with this lever when positioned out to create the adjustable stop system.

This is the system on the carriage which allows pre set stops, simply wind in or out the thread rods to determine the stop location.

I don't have a picture of the rod out sadly but can shoot one if needed.