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What are you making these days? Some fab shop pics from our place







And a little finger reduction while I'm at it.
Having a go at some unobtainium classic car hinges for the lulz. Have enjoyed working out the tooling so far, next up make the jig for the bottom hinges.

Jig for the top hinge

Trial run for general process, rough as assholes just like the original :D.

Visual structural components (316L)

Intake and fuel rails

Valve covers

Thats a bit of what I "can" show for now.

Mcgyver, I should come see your fab shop some time, I often have the opportunity for larger fab work, and I dont really trust many of the local shops...
Well, here is a job that we tooled/set up last fall.
Job was s'posed to be 350/week x 3 diff parts.
These two were similar. The 3rd one quite a bit shorter with no center section.

My chum was building weldment stands that went with these too.
These are service tools and we had a :skep: at the projected volume, but they said that they had been buying them in China and was just trying to source US, so - I guess they would know their market... ???

The customer wanted the first 4500 as fast as we could git them out to fill the US pipeline, but the first run needed to be 150 pcs each.
Good to check that we are all on the same page and whatnot.

We tooled these 2 up on an Acme.
Got the first 150 out with an 80% set-up. Still needed to build roller supports for 3 stations to git rid of all the talk (chatter) from the big form tools.

Was designing the roll supports and was expecting approval or ??? and an order with multiple releases right away, but all we was getting was crickets.
I started dragging my feet on the roll supports until I heard something.
I did hear that the parts were received and approved, but ... was expecting them to be pushing us for shipments, and .. nothing....

These are 2" round 12L14 by around 5" long.
One with a 1" hole, the other with a 3/4 hole.
The knurls were put on second opp in a CNC lathe, but I planned to add that into the Acme, but again - would need to build tooling to make that happen.
(Acme's don't have 2x slides typically)

Most of my chip conveyors are hand crank, and so was the one on this machine.
This was a problem as the conveyor needed to be moving pretty much all the time.

I don't recall the cycle time on this. It could have been 1 minute, or it could have been 30 seconds. (I think 1 minute the more that I think about it)
With 6 spindles running, you could watch the chips pile up before your eyes.
If you let the conveyor set for more than 1 cycle, they would pile up and half way plug up!
So we were getting ready to add a motor and control to the conveyor.

Haven't ran another one since! :angry:



Think Snow Eh!
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Some shop help for the small and larger jobs.
My new grinder caddy with five stations and each grinder has its own retractable cord reel.
I made two and the second one is showing the bare stand prior to completion. Looking quite good in front of my new Forster Welding Table.
Simply the best table ever made! (grin)

Kind of hard to see the detail but these are rotary molds for cookies. Done on a Haas VF5 with a 4th axis, each roll takes about 8-10 hours to machine.
This isn't a CNC project..just old fashioned handle turning and sketches on wet bar napkins, but it is a project none the less! Not finished yet and not skinned with sheet-metal, but it's a bar crusher for Rosewood bars for a customer that manufactures Xylophones. Mashes the bar cell structure about .025 to impart a super hard, dent free surface to the bars so the mallets won't leave divots.