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What is you shop's overhead increase in the last year?

You would have to pay me good to be a plumber, and maybe HVAC guy.
(maybe not so much on the electrician side? IDK...)

Plumbers git into some nasty situations to begin with. Nasty crawl spaces, full of dead vermin, cobwebs, cat Schidt, and water/mud....

Then there are just so many houses that are kept so poorly that you have to go back outside routinely to git fresh air, while 4 cats follow you outside (each time).

Drove through a semi local small town a cpl summers ago, with winders down, and we got a snort of a cat house. Not the one with the red light, but the one with no mice. How bad does it need to be when you can smell it from driving down the street?

No, I think that on average, those guys are earning their $.


Think Snow Eh!
Not all plumbers answer all calls.
Not all refrigeration guys answer all calls at all hours.
No all electricians perform all electrical tasks.

Now of course most all skilled trades defer to others especially if your the new guy or apprentice.
The longer your in the business the smarter and more selective you get, the same (hopefully) as running a job shop.