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What make/model turret is this?


Cast Iron
Dec 4, 2009
N.E. Pa.
I've been looking for a make or model number on this turret and didn't find any info yet. It's on a clausing colchester A50 from 1998.
Thanks everyone.


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Thanks 50BMG. I'll keep looking for info on them. Without taking anything apart I can't tell from any nameplates. There weren't any
Once and a while it gets this error. I saw different posts on different forums. One said about loosening up a seal inside. Another said about changing timers for turret functions.


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On the back of the turret where the servo motor is there is a
magnetic sensor that lights up when the turret is seated.
I had to change mine it was messed up is a common sensor
easy to get also if its lose or out of adjustment you will get errors.
When the turret locks the light should be on or off can"t remember
.Check the sensor cable it moves with the turret over time it can break.
Make sure the crash sensor switch is adjusted properly
Its under the turret.
On my turret the seal swelled and I kept getting turret to slow alarm. Unclamp the turret cut the machine off the turret will stay unclamped and turn the turret by hand If its very hard to turn
the seal has swollen . Mine was swollen and i took the plate off that holds the seal put it on the lathe and opened it up about .010
and it freed it up . Took me a long time to figure that out .Do not take the seal of the plate you may not get it back in and a new one cost $500 from clausing.
Take the back cover off the turret find the magnetic sensor
to a tool change and watch the light .
That sensor tells the controller the turret is unclamped and it ok to turn.
Kallam, you said you opened the seal .010 did you cut some off the seal with a cutting tool? Did you put a rotary tool in the tool post and grind some off? Please elaborate on this process. Which seal did you open up? I was looking at a side view of the turret assembly and without having the parts in front of me it's a little confusing as to where all the seals are.
First unclamp the turret and see if its hard to turn if it is .
Take the turret off . The plate behind the turret has the seal.
It keeps coolant out of the cervic coupling. The seal is about 4 inches in diameter . I put the whole plate in a manual lathe and used a sharp lathe insert made for alum, and took a light
cut on the seal .
My finger points to the part with the seal.
Do you know the turret unclamp procedure.


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